The goal is to learn to lead a healthy lifestyle, both in your diet and in your physical activity, that you can maintain over time and throughout your life. So together we will find a personalized plan completely adapted to you.

Once the plan is selected, you will receive an email with your username and password, to have your access to the app.
-If you have selected the gold or vip plan, we will schedule the first session through a call or video call, we will carry out a questionnaire and we will plan your goals to start with your customized fitness plan.
- If you have selected the silver plan, we will contact you through the app to fill out the questionnaire and plan the goals that we are going to set ourselves during your personalized plan.

A few weeks before your plan expires, we will contact you and you can decide whether to continue with your subscription. Plans don't automatically renew, so renewing requires your approval and consent. So to continue with your plan you will have to buy it again.

Yes. Each plan is tailored using many variables taken from your questionnaire, goal, timescales and your feedback. Your eating plan will be specifically tailored to you in terms of the macronutrients and calories, to ensure you make real progress and achieve great results. Similarly, with your training program, we will understand your goals, and use scientifically proven techniques to ensure you accomplish them.
We will start a completely customized plan for you.

The start of the plan will be taken into account once the first plan has been sent.
The duration will depend on the plan you choose, 3 or 6 months.

- The silver plan will carry out all the follow-ups through the app, where we will have direct contact. We will schedule two consultations a month, where we will review the progress and adjust the diet or training if necessary.

-In the Gold and VIP plan, the reviews will be carried out by video call or call (at the client's choice), where we can follow your evolution and adjust the diet and training if necessary.
When scheduling reviews, you will have a calendar in the app where you can choose the most convenient date and time for calls.
You will also have access to direct contact within the app for any questions.

You have 24/7 chat support throughout your entire plan. This means you can email me at any time and expect a response within 24 hours (usually a lot quicker). In addition, you check in with me every every two weeks, depending on which plan you purchase, and I make adjustments to your meal plan and workouts based on your progress.

Subscriptions last for 3 or 6 months, depending on the plan you choose.
Once contracted, you can unsubscribe at any time but without refund of the payment made.

If you have any questions about the plans or you don't know if you can follow a training or diet plan, don’t hesitate to fill out the contact form and we will answer all your doubts as soon as possible.

How are going to be the work outs ?

We have a large library of exercises for all levels, initiation, intermediate and advanced. You can start a plan no matter where you are on your fitness journey because each of the workouts can be tailored to your fitness level and we will find the routine that best suits you. Whether if you are starting to introduce physical exercise into your life or you are looking for an advanced routine.

Yes, you can train from home if you are unable to go to the gym. All you will need is a little space to manoeuvre around and also some adjustable dumbbells/resistance bands as your plan will contain weighted work. Rest assured, that all of the workouts can also be completed in the gym as well. We can discuss this in detail during your initial consultation as you may need some high resistance days too, depending on the goals you have set.

You do what works for you and your lifestyle. Depending on the logistics of day to day life, you may find you have enough time to train 5 times a week, or you may find 3 times a week is all you need to feel fit, healthy and energetic. Your weekly routine depends on your goals and what you would like to achieve. In order to make this decision, we recommend thinking carefully about your weekly schedule and we will choose a plan that you will be able to not only complete, but stick to.

The workouts are completely personalized and once you have your training routine structured, everything will be very simple through the application.
Each exercise in your routine will be associated with an example video, where you can see how to perform the exercise. You can also write down the repetitions and weights that you are using at all times. That way we can keep a historical and progressive follow-up of your progress.

It will depend of many factors, but in most of cases your plan will stay the same for 6-8 weeks as this is necessary to allow progressive overload to occur.  After this we will change your plans to keep you moving towards your goals.  Your plans will be created specifically for you and will be structured for your goals, abilities, availability and equipment.  

Yes, you will have access to all your previous training routines, with a history of each weight and repetitions that you have achieved. So we can analyze your evolution and can keep continuing your improving.

We can propose training routines for specific muscles, as well as work on muscle imbalances. We will discuss all this and adapt it to you.

How about the meal plan?

We design your meal plan based off your food preferences, food allergies, body type, fitness goal, daily routine, your likes, and several other factors. It’s a specific meal plan that’s customized for you.
The key is to follow a lifestyle without restrictions but with awareness.

Tailoring a food plan is the key in order to create desired change (fat loss, muscle gain, performance, health), in such a way that builds consistency for that specific individual. We will seek to create habit of eating healthy that can be maintained over time.

Yes. We design your meal plan based off your food preferences. We can design vegan, vegetarian, or any plant based diet for you.
Simply fill out the questionnaire and I will design your plan following your requires.

Meal changes will be taken into account at each follow up. We will analyze the progress and adjust to reach the objectives in case it is necessary to adjust.
We will also make changes in case you want to change a meal that is tiring or difficult to follow.

Yes, we have a recipe book with more than 150 healthy ideas.

In addition to guides with a selection of healthy products in the different supermarkets, which will be of great help when you need to go to the supermarket.

Other questions

Yes, when giving a plan as a gift you will have to indicate it at the time of purchase.

Supplements do help but are not required. The most important part to having a great transformation is to follow your meal plan and workouts.